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Tape S

Tape S

Universal anti-radiation case for smartphones - S
$ 24.99
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Universal, innovative flip case which, thanks to the Anti-Radiation System, effectively protects you against electromagnetic waves when you talk with the flip case closed. Inside you can find "JoinMe", the adhesive system that adapts to any type of smartphone. The case can be easily attached to your phone using the removable adhesive film that leaves no residue. The case does not obstruct and offers maximum protection so you can make the most of your phone's functions. The rear cover has a practical fold so that you can easily and quickly use your smartphone's camera.
$ 24.99

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  • Anti-Radiation System effectively protects against electromagnetic waves when you talk with the flip case closed
  • It does not interfere with the smartphone's operation
  • JoinMe: Fastening system with removable adhesive suitable for all phones
  • Front cover for complete protection
  • Anti-shock padding
  • The front holes can permit you to talk even when the flip case is closed
  • Ultra-slim
  • Fold-and-Shoot: The practical foldable flap ensures that the camera is always ready for use.
  • Vertical inside pocket
  • Two small suction cups allow you to close the front cover over the screen of your smartphone
  • Removing and repositioning the phone may cause a temporary loss of adhesion of the holder surface. The adhesive surface may be washed with a cloth and lukewarm water to remove possible dust and dirt deposit. This will regenerate the adhesive. Please do not apply the phone or use it until it is completely dry.

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External Size (inch)2.76 x 5.43 x 0.51