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From a tiny craft company supplying a few specialist shops in our home city, to amultinational company still with the human touch of a family business, Tucano’s growth in foreign markets demonstrates our desire to grow without compromising our informality.

Beyond Italy

After our first years of activity, Italy’s borders had already begun to feel confining to our management, so 1991 saw Tucano’s first expansion outside the country.
Our products – particularly our bags for Apple computers – arrived first in Switzerland, France and Germany, quickly finding their market. The fans in these countries also loved our Delikatessen mouse mats, prizing their unique creative approach.


The start of the new millennium was a period of intense work. Our expansion across mainland Europe was strong and by the start of the 21st Century, our products were already available across the continent.
Our first office outside Italy also opened in Madrid, helping us get closer to our Spanish and Portuguese customers.

The USA!

Only a few years later, Tucano was ready to make the great leap across the Atlantic.
In 2003, we opened our first American offices: TucanoUSA, Inc. opened first in San Francisco, CA, before relocating to New York in a splendid site on Fifth Avenue. Today, this is the home for our Americas business team, spreading our Italian design and creativity throughout the USA, Canada and many countries in Latin America.

The Far East

Tucano’s growth had been constant, but production was struggling to satisfy the stratospheric demand. In 2007, Franco, our founder, took an important decision to allow the company to develop and grow: he opened Tucano DongGuan, in the Shenzhen region of China. Many team members relocated to start up the laboratory for creating product samples and production lines. The design and development therefore remains 100% Milanese.

A truly global market

In 2009 Tucano DongGuan,as well as the production division, also opened its own business department, beginning a rapid and aggressive expansion not only in China, but also across Asia and the Pacific, reaching the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

Tucano has therefore become a truly global brand, but one that has stuck close to its deep roots in the city of Milan, a city fertile with ideas.