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The innovation continues

Fully-accessible bags and dynamic designs

Tucano’s designers continued to work, researching original designs, styles, forms, features, ergonomics and materials. This is when designs like Profilo, the fully accessible bag, and Velo, with its completely original and dynamic design, entered the market.

The first computer bag aimed specifically at women

Continuing our design story, we arrive at our ranges aimed specifically at our female customers, who usually take great care over style and fashion. An example is our Domina collection, a perfect illustration of our innovation: Tucano was the first brand to bring computer bags to market designed exclusively for women, generating huge interest from all our resellers, who fought hard to corner the market.

Our bestselling bags: Work_Out for Apple,and much more

In 2005, the computer bag got slimmer and Work_Out was born. This colourful collection rapidly became Tucano’s best-selling line.
The minimal design communicated harmoniously with Apple’s own design language seen in their iBooks and PowerBooks – the main Apple products of the day. They became hugely popular with Apple fans and evangelists. This helped Tucano expand and enter the global market, becoming a direct Apple partner in many European countries, the USA, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

The choice of materials and brilliant colours reaffirms once again the vivacity of the Tucano brand and its innate desire to set itself apart, surprising its public. Established managers, university students, young designers, and leisure and work travellers: everyone chose the colour and compactness of Work_Out to wear their laptop.
Eight years later, in 2013, this collection would be updated to keep up with the zeitgeist: Work_Out II offers even more versatility and can take every kind of Ultrabook and notebook, all while remaining faithful to Apple’s products.

Wear your music

Our designers’ attention goes beyond MacBooks and notebooks, and they are always ready to create new styles for our digital lives. For example, when Apple launched their iPod nano and iPod shuffle, they made it possible to experience our music in complete freedom. Tucano launched a collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts designed to let their wearers carry their music players with convenient cable management for the earphones. Now everyone could wear the music they love.

Here come the netbooks!

The IT market never rests and 2008 was no exception. This was the year of the netbook boom: with their tiny, compact form-factors compared to traditional laptops, these devices were even more portable and priced very competitively. Tucano immediately launched new bags and cases dedicated to this new type of digital device, as well as integrating protective pockets for netbooks in their other bag and backpack collections.

Travellers too…

2010 heralded a new decade and a myriad of ideas and innovations were in the air.
With glances at the past, but always focused on the future, Tucano also entered the traditional travel bag market with their Sfilo range. This innovative range of modular bags and trolleys, with their unmissable colours, was conceived by Roberto Paoli, a long-time member of Tucano’s design team.

Our expanded and recently reorganised distribution network allowed us to get our products into all the major European department stores, including La Rinascente, El Corte Ingles, Selfridges, Kaufhof, Coin, Bloomingdales, etc. – as well as airport and baggage stores.