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Technology becomes everyday

New bags: truly for everyone

Microsoft released Windows 3.1 in 1992 and the following years saw IT enter our everyday lives. Notebook sales increased exponentially and Tucano was prepared: our collections multiplied, always with new, colourful designs. Such is the case with the High Tense, America, and Young collections, which already included the protection and functionality that remain characteristic features of Tucano’s bags today.

The CD and DVD invasions

By now, computers were in every office and also many homes. The latter also witnessed the rise of CDs and, later, DVDs. Tucano immediately realised the need to organise, store and protect these optical discs and launched a huge collection of cases and binders. Despite the subsequent rapid evolution of the market, these products are still in high demand today.

Off on a motorcycle tangent

In 1995, Tucano also began producing accessories for motorcycles. In 1999, this range was spun-off from Tucano as Tucano Urbano, and now operates as a separate company, run by partners Carlo and Nicola.

Second Skin: protection that fits like a glove

Tucano’s ongoing innovation goes beyond the traditional bag. With notebooks becoming ever thinner and easier to carry, our style department created a brand new category of product: Second Skin. This is an innovative neoprene cover for notebooks that fits like a glove, adhering perfectly to the case. It was inspired by divers’ wetsuits and is a happy example of cross-industry design. These Second Skin products were invented and patented by Tucano and are the most widely copied products in the world.

Reinforcing the ByTucano Corporate division

By now the ByTucano division, dedicated to customised products for corporate clients, also increased its ability to respond to the varied needs of the market. Tucano had successfully collaborated with important clients, such as the Venice Biennale, Audi, Heineken, Vodafone, Confindustria, Menarini pharmaceuticals, and many others.

Photography enters the digital age

The early years of the third millennium saw the world of photography undergo a truly revolutionary change: digital cameras gradually replaced their traditional film-based counterparts. Tucano was, as usual, ready for this too, being the first to market with a range of cases to cater for owners of these increasingly popular compact cameras.