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New revolutions and lifestyles

The iPad arrives… and changes everything

2010 also saw the launch of Apple’s first iPad, which revolutionised the market once more: the “tablet” form-factor had arrived.
Tucano intuited the revolutionary effect of the new device and lost no time in reinventing its product ranges. The first iPad cases were created in record time, including Cornice – distinguished by innovative solutions from our design team, such as the ability to adjust the cover into a multi-position stand for reading, writing, or watching videos.

Rise of the smartphones

At the same time, smartphones were also increasing in importance, so Tucano naturally launched a huge collection of cases for these devices.
We followed the growing rivalry between Apple and Samsung: on one side, the iPhone for Apple fans; on the other, the Galaxy series built on the Android operating system. Tucano constantly created new coloured, functional cases, using diverse combinations of materials, to provide solutions for everyone, and continues to do so today.

A feel for genuine Italian leather

The rapid changes in the market did not affect Tucano’s ability to invent and reinvent itself. The brand reflected on its own identity once again, concentrating on its Italian design skills, attention to detail and innovation. Every new line of real Italian leather bags was born from this philosophy. The flagship: One Premium. Though primarily aimed at our female customers, these bags also talk to those who not only demand the ability to bring all their digital devices with them, but also desire the best in style and elegance throughout their daily lives.

New lifestyles and eco-mobility

New lifestyles are constantly appearing and evolving: a new concept of city travel made its mark among a growing number of people. Bicycles were no longer limited mainly to cycling fanatics, but began to replace cars and public transport in urban lifestyles. With this in mind, Tucano used its creative talents and designed Tubì: a collection of bags and backpacks for these two-wheeled urbanites. Our designers created intelligent spaces that can store both digital devices and also the “analogue” devices needed for cycling, such as bolsters, tools, and streetmaps.

This is Tucano

This is the history of Tucano’s signature products and creativity: a history of every Tucano cover, case and bag designed to amaze, with original solutions that make the use of new digital devices easier, more convenient, and more fun. Every Tucano product is designed by people with passion, for a broad and diverse range of customers—customers who are united by their own innate passion for detail, colour and the pleasure obtainable only from a well-made product.