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Milano: our city – our home

Tech & Style, Milano. It is no accident that Tucano’s strengths include the city where it all began—and where the heart of the company still beats today.
Milan is a city of contradictions: You can love it or hate it with equal intensity, but its energy and industriousness cannot be denied: it fills every street.
This is the story of the story of Tucano, in its home city

Two rooms in Viale Certosa

Tucano’s first office consisted of two small rooms in the Viale Certosa district, where founder Franco Luini began his work. It is 1981 and the company would not open in its present form until 1985, but this was the beginning. From outside, it seemed little more than an anonymous office and warehouse, but inside there was already much work being done.

Via Columella and the Tucaribe

By 1989 the space had become far too small and Tucano relocated to an area north of Milan, in Via Columella, in the Viale Monza district.

An old factory was refurbished and redecorated to welcome the “Tucani” (the ‘Toucans’) as they deserve. Long before many of the most famous names in Silicon Valley appeared, Tucano had already dedicated huge spaces in the new site to functions considered unusual at the time. For example, the “Tucaribe” – an area set aside for employees and their friends for parties, dinners, film viewings, exhibitions, concerts and for playing billiards. The Tucaribe was the expression of the informal, casual spirit that still distinguishes Tucano today. A spirit that we believe produces the best results, thanks to a relaxed and helpful environment.

Opposite the Castle

Two decades later, it was time to find a new home once more. Our logistics department moved into a larger, more modern, structure near the gates of Milan, while the soul of the company – the designers, product developers and offices – found its new home at number 19, on Piazza Castello. This magnificent building, dating from the late 1800s, is located between two iconic symbols of Milan: on one side, the historic Sforzesco Castle; on the other, the futuristic sculpture Ago, Filo e Nodo by Claes Oldenburg, in Piazza Cadorna..

Our flagship store

At the same time, Tucano inaugurated its flagship store at number 4, Piazza Cadorna, just a few paces from our new home. With over two hundred square metres (2153 square feet), the store was designed by architect Roberto Paoli—for many years the head of our design office—and highlights the full richness of the Tucano range. Today, anyone can see and touch our products in all their variety, thanks to the hundreds of items available. Tucano’s flagship store also exhibits previews of our latest products before they enter the market.
Furthermore, our store is also used for many of Tucano’s events, such as those being held for Milan’s Design Week. This is one of the ways we create a direct conversation with our own customers, and vividly demonstrate the ideas behind Tucano to the city in which we live and work.