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Design, creativity, and colour

Our originality and constant research into design allows us to create functional products without compromising aesthetics.
The casual spirit that lives in Tucano drives us to keep researching and experimenting; we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we never compromise on the quality of our collections.

Instant creativity

Three key aspects in Tucano designs are, without doubt, their use of colour, their vivacity, and our desire to break the rules. It’s always been this way, right from the start, when the world of IT accessories was a desolate wasteland. In the mid-1990s, for example, we launched our Delikatessen range of mouse mats to bring a little colour into the drab world of the office: these mouse mats boasted unusual, extravagant designs like Pane&Cioccolato (literally “Bread & Chocolate”), and Cappuccino&Brioche. These sprang from an idea Art Director Gian Franco Stefanelli had while eating his breakfast of a croissant and cappuccino in a bar. From a single photo came a bestseller.

Design as functionality and pleasure

The use of original design solutions is a philosophy that pushes us beyond mere aesthetics. The first step is research to determine the best functionality, without compromising their desirability.
Tucano manages to retain its own identity thanks to new tricks and techniques: from the logical arrangement of the pockets and spaces, to the impact-resistance systems to protect the computer. Furthermore, our style team amazes our customers with new ways to wear the product: bags that become backpacks; backpacks that become trolleys; shoulder bags that become handbags – a continual play of transformations that highlight the versatility of the products.

Early recognition

In 1999, during the SMAU – the Milanese exhibition dedicated to IT and electronics – a Tucano product received the SMAU Industrial Design award. This is one of the highest international awards, rewarding hardware and software products that utilise the best technological and aesthetic solutions at the SMAU exhibition.

Designs that create new commodity economics

Our research continues while technology evolves and notebooks become an ever-greater part of our everyday lives. Tucano’s restless experimentation created an entirely new range of products: Second Skin. These are neoprene folders that cover the notebook, adhering perfectly like a glove, so they can be carried in a bag, a backpack, or under the arm, without losing any protection. A design inspired by diving wetsuits and quickly copied by our competition. But the concept remains a Tucano design team original.

Design as dialogue

Investing in the design of an object that will cover a digital device is, essentially, a conversation. Planning that dialogue is as important as talking to the customers. It is no accident that our bestselling Work_Out line – a range of bags designed in 2005 specifically for Apple devices – boasts design features that complement those of the devices they’re designed to carry.
Even in this example, our designers kept faith in our brand identity, employing creative use of colour and breathing life into a world-renowned collection.

Special collaborations in the name of passion (for design)

Over time, Tucano’s passion for design has been continuously fed and enriched through some special collaborations. Alessandro Mendini, a famous architect and designer, created a unique collection that plays with curved and broken lines, as well as unusual materials.

A very different design, but one equally as experimental, was the project developed with NoCurves, a contemporary artist whose graphic design work is distinguished by the absence of curves and circles, relying solely on adhesive tape.

Another big name is Ettore Sottssas, who worked together with Mendini to create designer mouse mats (“Mouse Pad d’Autore”), because even a product that seems simple, like a mouse mat, can become a great example of design.

Winning solutions as simple as feet

ErgoGel and FreskoGel are innovative gel feet that improve the ergonomics of notebooks. They can be attached and removed thousands of times. Thanks to excellent design and the use of selected materials, the ADI (the Italian Industrial Design Association) added these gel feet in their prestigious 2009 ADI Design Index.

Original ideas from design schools

Our interest and attention to fashion is an integral part of the Tucano brand. For this reason, beginning in 2012, we have increased our collaborations with design schools based in Milan, across Italy, and worldwide. Initiatives like the Tucano International Design Workshop, and Tucano Advanced Design – both run by Prof. Gino Finizio – bring students from four international universities together with freshly qualified designers to challenge themselves in Tucano’s world, giving them the possibility to express their innovative and original ideas.
At the same time, Tucano began a collaboration with the Master in Design course at Domus Academy, creating a virtuous circle between the academic and business worlds.

The next thing

Even as you read this, our designers are hard at work on new projects, from samples of products under development and the hundreds of ideas from which will come the next amazing product. Are you curious to find out what they’re working on?