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Sospendo is here,

6 December 2016

Sospendo is here, the revolutionary “hands free” item for mobile devices. Sospendo allows you to easily interact with your devices by grabbing your tablet or smartphone and locking it in a vertical or horizontal position.     A brand new innovation in a period where technology has a decisive role, influencing our personal, social and [...]

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Tucano is the official partner of WOBI, World Of Business Ideas

1 December 2016

Once more Tucano bags will be appreciated in the halls of WOBI, main management and innovation events worldwide. Milan, New York, Mexico City and Bogotà will be the cities where are our bags are going to be given to every participant, consolidating once again the relationship between WOBI and Tucano. Two models are designed for [...]

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Cover iPad Pro

Go big! The iPad Pro is here, and so are all the bags and cases you need to protect it.

26 November 2015

At Cupertino, they are known for tearing up the rulebooks and writing new ones. With the iPad Pro, they are even partially breaking with their own, set out in the Steve Jobs era. And while Jobs himself said that the public doesn’t know what it needs until it is shown, this time Tim Cook’s team [...]

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Dark work-in bag - Lavora viaggiando

Wi-Fi and away! Now you can work while travelling.

22 October 2015

We are ever increasingly mobile, nomadic, and geekier. While a diamond may be forever, a desk doesn’t have to be. With Ultrabook’s and MacBook’s becoming thinner and lighter by the day, working (and having fun) while travelling or in the places which inspire us most is becoming part of everyday life. Yes, there is a growing army choosing to leave behind the [...]

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Cover produttività app consigli

This fall you can do it! Tips and apps to improve your productivity and business trips.

30 September 2015

Here in Milan, autumn has greeted us with some monsoon-like weather. The low clouds and grey skies (sigh) are a reminder it is time to get back to hard work. So after summer fun and games, it is time to get our heads straight (is that really necessary?) and get organized, make plans and find new ways to [...]

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Tucano Cover per iPhone 6s e 6s Plus

More powerful. The new iPhone 6s is a gem to pamper and protect.

10 September 2015

After its success over the last year with the iPhone 6, yesterday Apple revealed its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. At Cupertino they never stop following the market’s evolutions and interpreting how each of us relates to technology, and this shows in the new [...]

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Borse business & weekender Agio. Work hard, play harder.

Agio, the business bags designed to let you explore every corner of a city

10 July 2015

It’s already July. The holidays are close enough that you can smell the sea and sand, but there’s still lots to finish off at work. The answer? You’ll just have to get your nose down. But in the meantime, the hot summer days make you dream of getting away … Well, what if a business [...]

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Borsa zaino pieghevole espandibile Compatto

An insatiable desire for space? Tucano Lab presents Compatto!

24 June 2015

What sort of person are you? Are you someone who dreams of a larger house or wants a bigger car? Or are you simply looking for more space for your ideas? Making plans is one thing, but then there are everyday needs, and you never have enough space for those, either! An example? You go out to do the [...]

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Libro & Elektro covers for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Now in: – Our covers for the Samsung S6 and the S6 Edge

10 April 2015

Big announcements are always something special – because after so much work it is always a pleasure to share our new creations with one and all. And so, calling all Samsung fans: The waiting is over! That right, because after Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress, Libro and Elektro, our covers for the Samsung S6 [...]

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Presentazione Windows 10

Here comes Windows 10. What should you know?

9 February 2015

The arrival of Windows 10 is a big step for Microsoft. A leap, not only in name (everyone expected Windows 9), but also in terms of all the new features that are bound to surprise everyone. Even the most loyal Microsoft nerd! Why? This time there’s something very different, something that stands out from previous [...]

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Cover Second Skin in cotone Vesto, custodia per MacBook e notebook

Vesto, a soft fleece case to put you in high spirits!

6 February 2015

Celebration is color, creativity, innovation. We are therefore ready to celebrate our 30 years of passion at our home base in Milan. Not only is the city a fashion capital, but it’s also the center of “Made in Italy” design. So, today we present Vesto, our new fleece case made entirely in Italy. As for [...]

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No Curves - Exp(l)oration

Exp(l)oration, beyond the limits of tape art with No Curves

5 February 2015

“We believe in angles, not in straight lines.” This is what No Curves, the artist-philosopher of adhesive tape, maintains. No Curves is, in fact, the pseudonym used by one of Italy’s top proponents of tape art, that is the technique of creating works of art with adhesive tape. From simple stationery or working material, adhesive tape becomes [...]

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