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15 February 2016
Migliora la produttività in ufficio

The Christmas Holiday’s are a faraway memory, and New Year’s resolutions too? No! You can make it out! For example, if you have decided to be much more active at work, today we have a few tips for you.


optimize your time and don’t let worry get the better of you


Don’t worry. Actually  it can be much more easier than expected: Jeff Margolis on Entrepreneur post says that “The secret lies not in weighing opposing priorities, but in planning ahead so as to have time to spend it where you wish”.

Ottimizzare il tempo

According to Margolis there are four important steps to do in order to brighten your working days, reduce stress and be more productive:


1.     Don’t worry if you can’t always give an answer

Nobody expects you to know-it-all. If you don’t know something, just clearly say it . Your whole world won’t fall apart for this reason.


2.     Proceed step by step

You need time to be successful. Therefore, once you’ve chosen which are your objectives, focus yourself on daily little goals. Stop every now and then: look at what you’ve done and, if necessary, put things right  for next time.


3.     Respect deadlines

Again, nobody wants you to go fast without any apparent reason. Just simply try to be  diligent and respect deadlines you have fixed: sometimes you’ll make right decisions, sometimes not. But to make decisions is always better than not to make any decision at all: don’t let fear of making mistakes paralyze yourself, because to stand still would be worst: if you are able to cope with unexpected events, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve been able to achieve.


4.     Plan ahead

For example: do you have to plan next year’s activities? Don’t wait for the sparkling wine and the countdown – although TV programs usually do this. 

Roughly plan the year ahead until autumn, or schedule autumn activities in spring time in order to avoid being too tired in summer time when your mind is focused on the sea and the sun.

Pianifica in anticipo


Om… om… om… Working space organization becomes ZEN


To be productive, time is surely the turning point…but also space and the environment have the same importance. That’s exactly what “the zen master” Leo Babauta says on ZenHabits   ,he makes a list of some “commandments” to be more peaceful  by releasing yourself from disorder day by day. We have selected the most useful for everyday


1.     Organize yourself at the beginning and at the end of the day

Before starting work, make the classic to-do list and reorganize your working desk, getting rid of what you don’t need. At the end of the day, re-arrange your list and working space.

Ordina la scrivania

2.     Every time you stand up from your desk, put away one thing

Do you want to have a break? No problem: but every time you get up,, take an object and put it away. Or throw it away!


3.     Always wash the dishes when you have finished eating

If you work at home or have a kitchen at work you may use, don’t leave the washbasin full of dirty dishes: job organization goes through  tidying up after lunch.


4.     When you take your clothes off, put them away

Have you had an exhausting working day? Well, this is not a good reason not to  put clothes where they belong. Not on sofas, beds, pavements and so on.


5.     Leave empty all horizontal surfaces

 Tables, desks, furniture’s, pavements: they’re so inviting, you may place anything you want to on them. Resist the temptation: your mind will thank you.


6.     You must always archive!

Should you have lots of paper or digital documentation, at the end of the day the only thing to do is: to archive. Store your documents into files and set your notebook’s desktop free from what you don’t need anymore.


7.     Respond to your e-mails, do not postpone

Do not leave  answers to important messages behind and free yourself from unread newsletters . If  your mailbox will be empty (maybe a dream? C’mon!, trust in yourself!) you’ll have much more energy to focus on what is really important.

Gestire le mail

8.     One in, two out

When you have something new that you like in your hands, take it with you… but throw away two things you don’t need anymore. You’ll lighten your “luggage” – also the mental one.


9.     At the end of the month “reorganize” your computer

Every thirty days organize your notebook’s desktoprearrange important files in logical order, erase those that are not necessary and empty the computer’s waste basket.


Set your productivity free


You don’t need to be a CEO to have a full life: every day we are all bombarded by thousands of incentives and requests, with pressing deadlines and must not lose our focus on objectives. In this way, time optimization becomes much more urgent . Matthew Capala, CEO of  Alphametic and blogger, in his post on TNW, gives us interesting tips on this issue. Here there are the more interesting ones:


1.     Write down 10 ideas a day

It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad ones, the most important thing is to exercise your mind to be constantly creative: to think about 10 ideas could be very difficult but it’s worth it. Sure! Because  ideas are the coin of  the 21st century: while sharing good ideas with others – without any expectations – something interesting always goes back: strengthened business relation, new opportunity, engagement as public speaker, new acquaintances and… in the end, money.

Avere idee

Obviously to make the “muscle of ideas” work it’s necessary to be in good shape also in other parts of our life: either physically and emotionally.


2.     Separate days between “meeting days” and “free days”

Moving from one meeting to another or from an event to a conference, always in different places, maybe time consuming. For this reason it would be better  to arrange all your  meetings on a particular day, leaving other days completely free in order to concentrate on your job in the office without any distraction.


3.     Some useful app: Boomerang for Gmail and

In order to prevent receiving an answer to the e-mail you’ve just sent and decide ahead when reading e-mails, an app like Boomerang for Gmail let you set a time to send an e-mail you already written, so that there is no need for you to think about the answer you have to give but you have a bit of time to think about something else before your  interlocutor write you back. Moreover, if you want, Boomerang inform you about pending messages  to which you have to give an answer.

Did you ever have the feeling that 24 hours a day are always not enough? Well, with you can track the time you spent on each task , so that you can learn how to utilize your time best.


→ For more tips on  app for productivity please refer to our post written a few months ago.


4.     You make money before 9 a.m.

If you are a morning person, take advantage! From 6 a.m. To 9 a.m. – before the rest of the world starts working – write about the best subjects, and make in-depth analysis with fresh eyes, establish strategies you have to follow without being disturbed. In other words: take advantage and earn the real money.

Fare soldi

5.     Be focused on planning your working day

It’s so easy to be distracted: that’s why it’s very  important  to plan your working day carefully . In order to do this the following tips will be very useful for you:

  • dedicate at least 15 minutes to write down the targets you aim to achieve.
  • each target has to be tailed enough considering the different tasks and people involved;
  • put the symbol “€” next to those things to do that can bring you reward: so to mix up primary and remunerative activities with new ones to be developed.


6.     Take a break

Sometimes moving temporarily into another office, house, or even city allow you to clear your mind and give yourself a kick start.

Well, is not possible for everyone to leave his desk whenever he wants to: but think positively. As an alternative you may just renew your working space, maybe moving a piece of furniture or hanging a new poster and pictures “to feed” the spirit and new ideas.

Then you need an healthy “digital detox”: after  “über-productivity”, pull the plug and disconnect yourself from the flow-through of information, at a later date, you’ll be much more motivated.

Digital detox


Have the right outfit: change your look around!


We are not talking about jackets and ties, or t-shirt and jeans californian startupper style.

We are referring to those things we are able to do well:  to combine Italian design to the need to bring always with you all the devices  you use during the day.

At work, when visiting clients or during a business trip,  Tucano Lab designers have a new idea to support your productivity: The Svolta business bag collection for MacBook and notebook up to 15.6”, that perfectly fit the hyper-productive personal style.

Tucano Svolta borsa pc

Made of  a shiny mélange fabricSvolta is available in three sizes: Svolta Small for laptops up to 12,5”,Svolta Medium for laptops up to 14” and Svolta Large for laptops up to 15,6”.

And for those who are looking for advanced ergonomics Tucano Lab has also realized  Svolta Combo: the convertible bag and backpack that can be used in different ways according to your needs.

Borsa pc zainabile Tucano Svolta

 Svoltainner compartment is reinforced to protect your laptop and easily store your documents.

The front pocket makes the Svolta design much more dynamic, it has an organizer pocket  to store business cards, pens, power bank and other accessories plus objects to always keep on hand when business is moving fast.

Collezione di borse business in tessuto mélange Tucano Svolta

Borsa porta computer Tucano Svolta con tasca anteriore

On the back, the trolley band makes this laptop bag more handy and practical during business trips.


now it’s up to you!


Now it’s time to choose the tips that may seem more suitable for you and for your job style. Throw yourself with enthusiasm into missions and things to do, renew yourself and let 2016 be a shining year!



The pictures in this post, apart from the ones representing Tucano products, are taken from Pixabay.