Go big! The iPad Pro is here, and so are all the bags and cases you need to protect it.

25 November 2015
Cover iPad Pro

At Cupertino, they are known for tearing up the rulebooks and writing new ones. With the iPad Pro, they are even partially breaking with their own, set out in the Steve Jobs era. And while Jobs himself said that the public doesn’t know what it needs until it is shown, this time Tim Cook’s team has decided to respond to the largely professional market which Microsoft has already been courting for some time with its Surface.

The new iPad Pro, now on sale in over 40 countries, is huge in every sense of the word, with a 12.9” Retina display including the 3D Touch technology already featured on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This technology precisely measures the pressure applied to it – for example by a stylus such as the Apple Pencil. And here we have another break with the credos of Jobs by his successor Cook.



While Apple’s founder said that we each already have ten styli, that is our own fingers, Cupertino’s engineers and designers have decided to disobey his diktat to give the professional audience for the iPad Pro greater control over their drawings and designs. The Pencil is also joined by a new keyboard for the tablet.

What’s more, with 5.6 million pixels in its 2732 x 2049 display, the iPad Pro allows you to edit video in 4K. Its four side speakers also provide high-quality sound which video pros will certainly appreciate.

But that’s not all, as designers making 3D models will also be able to rely on it as a work tool, since its third-generation A9X chip and 64-bit architecture should offer significantly improved performance compared to the iPad Air – particularly with demanding apps.

The iOS 9 operating system will allow for smoother multitasking, thanks in part to the split-screen function which allows you to rapidly switch between apps. A key feature when time is

iPad Pro

It is too soon to say whether the iPad Pro will be able to fully replace some pros’ notebooks. What is certain is that it lends itself to effective use both in the office and when travelling on business, as well as when relaxing out of hours. As a matter of fact, Digital Trends has tested the best 10 productivity apps for the iPad Pro, as well as some games which take advantage of its new features.

In the meantime, like the products we have developed for its “arch-rival”, the Microsoft Surface, our very own Tucano Lab has put together a wide-ranging product line-up to allow you to carry around Apple’s new “mega-tablet” while providing it with maximum protection. Cases, bags, folders and Second Skin cases for the iPad Pro: there is a range of solutions which, as always, adapt perfectly to each person’s digital lifestyle.

For example, Club is the case specifically for the iPad Pro which protects your device and protects it from knocks thanks to a rigid rear shell. Club is completely covered in a two-tone technical fabric, and features elegant details such as the front closure in real Italian leather.

Tucano Club custodia iPad Pro

What’s more, with the fold-and-shoot flap, the iPad Pro case lets you grip your device solidly to take excellent photos, even on the go. What’s more, the Club case for iPad Pro turns into a multiposition stand and turns the device off and on each time the cover is opened and closed.

As we already mentioned, the iPad Pro has a noticeably more professional design in terms of its size, and so we thought it a good idea to develop a dedicated work bag for this new model, allowing you to carry it alongside your documents and any other accessories you need.

Cover custodie e borse Tucano per iPad Pro

One solution which won’t look too shabby in the office is the One Sleeve (now on offer at Tucano.com!), with its internal compartment featuring the Anti-Slip System to prevent your device falling out accidentally, while the front zip pocket leads to a compartment for an additional iPad (Air!) or another tablet.

One Sleeve

If, on the other hand, you are a fan of elegance, you can choose the version entirely in real Italian leather: One Premium Sleeve is a shoulder bag for the iPad Pro which also includes a Multi-Fit pocket for an additional device.

One Premium Sleeve

More dynamic users, that is those who are continuously mutlitasking and use multiple devices at the same time, will certainly not want to be weighed down. That’s why we developed the Lampo slim bag with its dedicated 13” pocket for the iPad Pro10” pocket for an iPad or other tablet, and a 7” pocket for an e-reader or phablet. All in an extremely slim design.


Digital nomads, that tribe we talked about a few weeks ago, will be right at home with the Dark Slim “work-in” shoulder bag which allows you to work with your iPad Pro inside without having to remove the device. Tucano Lab designed it precisely for that reason: to allow people to work in any city around the world (on the metro, on a plane, or on the beach) while still providing their devices with maximum protection.


Alternatively, if you are a tech-addict you can also choose from our classic tech bags such as the Work_Out II Slim equipped with special Anti-Shock System cushioning, or else, for those who are always on the road, the Shine shoulder bag is the higher-capacity solution  which allows you to carry all your documents along with your iPad Pro – and maybe even a change of clothes!

Work_Out II SlimShine

Finally, design purists might prefer a more minimal but equally effective approach to protecting their iPad Pro: the Second Skin Elements is a neoprene folder which absorbs knocks and drops, and is ideal to take to a meeting under your arm, or else to slip into your suitcase when leaving for a trip.

Second Skin Elements

And how about you, are you already thinking whether the iPad Pro could be a useful addition to your work life?