Exp(l)oration, beyond the limits of tape art with No Curves

5 February 2015
No Curves - Exp(l)oration

“We believe in angles, not in straight lines.” This is what No Curves, the artist-philosopher of adhesive tape, maintains.

No Curves is, in fact, the pseudonym used by one of Italy’s top proponents of tape art, that is the technique of creating works of art with adhesive tape. From simple stationery or working material, adhesive tape becomes an  expressive medium in the artist’s hands, allowing them to explore new pictorial frontiers through this original method.

No Curves was one of the first in Italy to approach this new form of art, choosing a style composed of broken lines and angles to create pictures and installations reminiscent at times of futurist works, as well as the digital world. Variegated, kaleidoscopic connecting lines playing off each other.

Here at Tucano, we have always liked to remain close to all forms of creativity. For this reason, a few years ago we created a special collection with dedicated artworks by No Curves himself. Today, with our thirtieth birthday approaching, we are once again celebrating design and creativity alongside this artist.

Thus, we have embraced No Curves’ new adventure: his personal exhibition Exp[l]oration, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan from 12 February to 15 March 2015.


Invito mostra Exp(l)oration - No Curves


The topic is that of exploration, as a metaphor for going beyond one’s limits. NoCurves has conceived a large exhibition which makes use of the various spaces of the museum, and which he has been working on for over a year. The aim is to show the human spirit in continuous movement, but using the apparently “static” medium of adhesive tape.


No Curves - work in progress


What he has created is an exhibition divided into four thematic areas – land, water, air and space – combining panels, installations and artistic interventions, one of which involves the whole of the submarine Toti.

The 800-plus square metres of exhibition space also includes a portrait gallery dedicated to explorers of land and sky, like the triptych Space Lies which portrays the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. Beside them other important figures such as Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Vladimmirova Tereskova, Amelia Earhart or, more recent, Felix Baumgartner.


No Curves - Felix Baumgartner


People pushing out of their comfort zone, beyond their limits to break down borders. The research of No Curves himself also goes in this direction: a tireless, never-ending exploration of his expressive possibilities, armed only with adhesive tape. And strictly without curves.


“Exp(l)oration”, No Curves solo show
12 February – 15 March 2015
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia
Via San Vittore 21

Tuesday to Friday : 9.30 – 17.00
Saturdays & holidays: 9.30 – 18.30