Gift ideas for Christmas 2015: DIY… or not.

4 December 2015

The hunt is already on! That’s right, for Christmas 2015 the search is already on to find the perfect gift.

The great thing is that the question remains the same every year: what do I give my mom? My dad? My son? And let’s not forget gifts for girlfriends or wives, or… boyfriends and husbands! That’s right: because, in actual fact, it’s often harder to find good gift ideas for men than for women.

There are some who get on board with DIY gifts to save money and have fun. The choice is yours, and you can always have a mix of store-bought and handmade holiday gifts.

This is precisely why we thought of this post: it’s a small guide with gift ideas to get you out of a pickle and – why not – help you save a little money.

Ah, and we’d like to introduce you to the White Tucan who will lead you in finding special deals: follow him on Facebook and InstagramBut let’s go in order…


DIY Gift Ideas

DIY gift ideas for Christmas abound on the internet: we made a selection with some interesting goodies. There are many ideas to make your home more welcoming during the holiday season.


DIY Christmas Decor

First and foremost, in order to start to feel the Christmas spirit, you can decorate your home (or that of the person you’d like to give a gift to), spending verrrryyyyy little. For example, with a DIY Christmas tree, you can use everything from bottles, dead branches, books and more. Or even before, in waiting for the 25th, you can make an advent Calendar from yogurt pots.


Always with the idea in mind of creating the right atmosphere, we found a DIY aroma diffuser and star-shaped paper lanterns typical of the tradition of many countries.


For the “useful gifts for the home” series, we can give you a few ideas that are sure to make an impact. Have you ever thought of customizing objects that are used daily with initials… or even the faces of relatives or friends? Well, some have done it with photo coasters (!) or a picture frame with decorated glass.  
Or, you can choose personalized mugs and decorated tea towels.


Those with a green finger will certainly appreciate glass pots for flowers and plants with tone-on-tone stencilling or made from tins.


For an easy gift, there is the always appreciated gift of spice jars: they are always appreciated and are very “Christmasy”. On the other hand, if you’re up to the challenge, you can even build an ottoman at home … and no, we’re not kidding.


DIY Gift Ideas for Him and Her

But a gift can (and in many cases, must) be personal. So why not convert an old t-shirt into a very stylish necklace or turn a curtain tassel into a pair of elegant earrings?


And for him? You can transform outdated neckties into the more trendy “skinny” ones, so they’ll seem brand new. For Beer lovers even at Christmas there is the classic six-pack that becomes Santa Claus’ reindeer !


Too much work? Too little time? Then forget about DIY stuff. We have ready-made solutions.


Gift ideas to help you save money

Can you save money when shopping for Christmas gifts? It’s possible, and you don’t necessarily have to spend hours and hours on it. In fact, here at Tucano we created a series of offers for the Christmas period.
Who said that the real deals are only available after Christmas? Our Outlet is open all year long! This way, you can then start your Christmas shopping by saving some money.


But the real news is that, as far as we’re concerned, the first gift is for you. That’s right, because with every purchase you’ll receive a free set of earphones, compatible with any smartphone or tablet. That way you’ll have an extra gift, for you or whoever you wish.


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But that’s not all. The gift ideas provided below are idea for everyone on your list.


Gift Ideas for Him

Brothers, boyfriends, fathers or even family that you only see during the holidays: everyone has his own style.
The most sought after gift is the elegance of Italian leather, as in the case of the One Premium Messenger.


If the guy in question is constantly traveling around Europe he’ll be happy to have cabin luggage that is shock resistant that will never need to be checked because it meets the size requirements of a carry-on bag. It is not by chance that it is called Volo (Italian for “flight”), and you can only find it exclusively on the web at


For the workaholic who even works during Christmas, business bags offer a range solutions that you can’t go wrong with, and in our humble opinion are the quintessential useful gift.


Who doesn’t have a brother, boyfriend or cousin who is a sports fanatic?! Make them happy: let him bring his smartphone with all of his apps to every training session, whether at the gym or on the field. We designed the Sporty collection precisely for this reason!


Gift Ideas for Her

It’s not just a question of practicality. We know well that a gift has to be easy on the eyes. Here are a few gift ideas for your girlfriend, sister or friend.

For the woman who is always on the go, from the office to business trips and weekends away, we thought of a smart bag like the Agio Shopper, a technological tote made to transport laptops, tablets and smartphones with a shape that is exquisitely feminine.


If we want to raise the level of elegance, the answer is once again the real Italian leather of the One Premium Tote.  Among other things, some colours are now on sale … it’s not a bad idea when looking to give a nice gift without draining your bank account ;)


And then there’s la vie en rose. Tell the truth: raise your hand if at least one of the women that you need to buy a gift for likes fuchsia. Well, we have good news: you just have to choose between bags, tablet cases and smartphone covers!


And for you?

Of course, you deserve a gift too, after all of this gift hunting (whether it’s DIY or not)! But how? Oh, you don’t remember? We’ll give you your first gift!