Inauguration Day @ 71st Venice Film Festival / Giornata inaugurale alla 71. Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Stars, selfies and look-alikes: Live from the opening of the 71st Venice Film Festival.

3 September 2014

There’s postcard Venice, with the pigeons in Piazza San Marco and the shops of Rialto, the packed canal boats and hordes of tourists taking photographs at every street corner. And then there’s the microcosm of the Film Festival which makes the Lido into the world’s catwalk for ten days in August and September of every [...]

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Going North Around Italy - Day 3

Going North Around Italy: Day 2-3, Positano to Naples to Scauri

2 May 2013

The adventure of our cycling friends of Going North Around Italy goes on. They’ve left Positano and headed straight to Naples and then ahead northbound of course. They’ve crossed the border between Campania and Latium regions, reaching seaside town Scauri on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Time to relax.   >

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Going North Around Italy - Day 1

Going North Around Italy: Day 1 in Positano on the Amalfi coast

30 April 2013

The first day of Going North Around Italy, the new adventure on wheels together with our Tubì bags for digital cyclists went yesterday through enchanting Positano on the renowned Amalfi coeast. Here are a few pics of the day.

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ILM Offenbach

Snapshots from ILM in Offenbach

11 March 2013

Some snapshots live from our space at ILM in Offebach, Germany:

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